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Look up to the sky, and you will see, a great massive Universe
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The server, should be up VERY soon! With help from Asaki(<3) the server should be up any time I can grab ahold of my computer for at least 30 minutes! Keep your fingers crossed that I can!
New items! Check Asaki's and Jelly's Topics for more items.
Congrats to; ~Asaki (In-Game Administrator), and JellyBeanStar*(In-Game Administrator)! Congrats you two!


 Corpsie is REAL

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PostSubject: Corpsie is REAL   Corpsie is REAL EmptyThu Dec 22, 2011 3:54 pm

Well this be Corpsie. >3 This hot piece of steak, oh yes, me! 8D
My real name is Nikki. o3o But I prefer to be called Corpsie. Or Mrs.SuperPotatoAdmin, remember that kiddies, remember that. >3

Realness>HomeSchooled, Artist, Author, Luver, 24/7/365Therapist, Deep thinker, Day dreamer, Explorer of the city, Sleeping, Cat lover, wolf lover.

LifeAsAGamer>I am usually WoWing, Skyping, YouTubing, or chilling with you guys on IW.

My baybeh forever is William. c: Though you may call him Willy. He has the friendliest personality x3 I am trying to get him on I.W so you can all meet him someday. x3 He will be paid cheerios per minute to play the game. >:I But I don't want him puking on me after the 4th hour. ._.;

Favotite Bandz: Skrillex, Blood on the Dance Floor, Breathe Carolina, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Seether, Hinder, CrossFade, etc...(Lazy)

Uhm...PM if you have any questions or concerns.. x3 You can also reach me here:
Skype: OnceLovedWolf
Youtube: TheWolfThatOnceLoved
FaceBook: (Ask Me.)
Impressive World: TheWolfIsDead2
IMVU: NikWolfX
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Corpsie is REAL
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