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The server, should be up VERY soon! With help from Asaki(<3) the server should be up any time I can grab ahold of my computer for at least 30 minutes! Keep your fingers crossed that I can!
New items! Check Asaki's and Jelly's Topics for more items.
Congrats to; ~Asaki (In-Game Administrator), and JellyBeanStar*(In-Game Administrator)! Congrats you two!


 Private, Public, and Admin Only Items.

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Private, Public, and Admin Only Items. Empty
PostSubject: Private, Public, and Admin Only Items.   Private, Public, and Admin Only Items. EmptySun Oct 16, 2011 11:36 pm

Here's the List for Private, Public, and Admin Only items, and what they mean.

Christmas/Santa Hat- Public
Red's Helmet- Public
Grad's Helmet- Public
Red's Horns- Public
Horns- Public
Demon Horns- Admin Only
Xaphan Horns- Public
Ram horns- Public
Reindeer Antlers- Public
Telly's Necklace- Public
Vanity's Necklace- Public
Lupine's Pendant- Public
Heart Necklace- Public
Sapphire Necklace- Public
Ruby's Necklace- Admin Only
Bat Necklace-Public
Checkered Tie- Private
Smiley Tie- Public
Rainbow Tie- Public
Christmas Bell- Public
Tail Ribbon- Public
Red/Blue Tail Fire- Admin Only
Shards- Private
Checkered Bracelet- Public
Red Bracelet- Public
Rainbow Bracelet- Public
I Bracelet- Admin Only
Spiked Bracelet- Public
Water Pouch- Private
I'm a Present- Public
Buri's Collar- Private
Spiked Collar- Public
Glasses- Private
Shades- Public
Eye Patch- Public
Candy Cane- Public
Rose- Public
Twig- Public
Fangs- Public
Saber Fangs- Public
Nose Ring- Public
Spiked Earrings- Public
Pink Earring- Public
Bat Earrings- Public
Claws- Public
Paw Fire- Admin Only
Just a Note- Public
Tail Feather- public
Pumpkin Basket- Public
Star Aura- Admin Only
Pumpkin Mask- public
Spine- Public
Blind Eye- Public
Red Eye Glow- Public
Gold Eye Glow- Public
Blue Eye Glow- Public
Bubbles- Public
I bracelet Rose-Private
Green Bracelet- Private
Blue Bracelet- Public
Blue ZT Helmet/ Jelly's Helmet- Private
Jelly's Bean Bag Bracelet- Jelly ONLY
Paw Fire Lime/Green- Private
Lime necklace- Public

Admin Only means, to get it you have to exchange 2 private items for it. (mat or may not be more) YOU CAN'T trade these items with users!

Private means, it will be rarely dropped by admins and/or mods you can trade these freely

Public means, any one can trade them, and some animals may drop them as well.

If I missed any items that you know of PM me ASAP!

If you don't like what's private, or public, or admin only, PM me and I'll hold a vote with the administrators and moderators.

DO NOT post on this topic, it will be deleted as soon as it's posted.
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Private, Public, and Admin Only Items.
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