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The server, should be up VERY soon! With help from Asaki(<3) the server should be up any time I can grab ahold of my computer for at least 30 minutes! Keep your fingers crossed that I can!
New items! Check Asaki's and Jelly's Topics for more items.
Congrats to; ~Asaki (In-Game Administrator), and JellyBeanStar*(In-Game Administrator)! Congrats you two!


 Corpsie's Item Ideas!

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Corpsie's Item Ideas! Empty
PostSubject: Corpsie's Item Ideas!   Corpsie's Item Ideas! EmptyThu Dec 22, 2011 4:09 pm

What are your ideas on items for our beloved Impressive Universe server? x3

Corpsie's ideas:
My loved boyfriend will soon be joining us. C: I thought it would be cute to have a little bracelet that says: "I love you Willy<3" Maybe even for him he could have a bracelet that says: "I love you Nikki-pop<3" X3 -private items of course. DON'T JUDGE OUR PET NAMES. LOL!

I also suggested to Jaxy about a heart aura. It could be any color, I do not care truthfully. x3 It's an idea to spread the love <3

Maybe on a bad day, a rainstorm aura would come in handy. Originally it may have a small raincloud that forms over you and black rain pouring down. This may be something impossible to create.

I also suggest invisable wings to appear you are hovering. I wanted this for a very long time.

Corp's original design was a demon. From this design I have a skeleton mask, although it is now in the IW game.. x.x My design is different.

One special item that all admins/mods should wear may be a good idea, I don't know. If I were to have an item it would be A black collar, with a silver buckle on it and a head charm that dangles. That says corpsie in a fancy design.. x3 Also I am sure you are all aware of the Heart Necklace, that also could be modified into a smaller heart and a certain color of choice.

Also maybe headphones that DJ's wear around their necks may be an interesting idea. x3 or an Ipod that hooks onto a belt in-game. Just for looks? Or does it really play music?!
I have no idea. LOL.

I do play World of Warcraft, and there are a few swords that I do like. I'd post my idea on one, but it is complicated to explain! xD
Tell me what you think of these ideas and post your own!
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Corpsie's Item Ideas!
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