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 Corpsie's Legendary Sight

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PostSubject: Corpsie's Legendary Sight   Corpsie's Legendary Sight EmptyThu Dec 22, 2011 3:58 pm

Most of her story is unknown. What I do understand of her that she was born at my hands. She started as a rough demon sketch. But she soon grew into my obsession that was too gentle to be a creature from Hell... She was reborn as Corpsie the Heart Reaver. This meant that she was torn from her selfish, denomic pathway of a life style.

As Corpsie woke from her slumber on Saturday morning, she let out a yawn and padded to Default from her den in Partytime. As usual she rested beside the uncomfy rock. And watched the others trade their items for something new in return. Corpsie spotted someone that stood out in trading. A Vanity crystal was being traded for any sort of necklace. Corpsie looked down at her neck. Her Lupine's Pendant shining bright in the sunlight of the day.

Corpsie approached the wolf. And sat in her pathway. "Hello." Corpsie said with a smile.
"Hello." The wolf replied back. "Would you like to trade for my Vanity? You see, I am trying to find a decent suitable symbol that my wolf tribe will respect, worship, and dedicate their lives by living for it." The wolf looked into Corpsie's souless eyes.

"Well, I do have this Lupine..." Corpsie stared uneasily back to the wolf.
"Heh, that would work. The rings represent something, don't they?" The wolf questioned.
"Err..Not sure...Meet me in Sun Temple."

Corpsie took a last look down at her Lupine before dropping it into the cleansed water.
The Vanity the wolf had dropped was beside the Lupine for Corpsie to pick up. Gently she slipped it over her head to her neck. Shaking the water free of her pelt.
"Thank you." They both replied and touched noses in respect.
The two wolves talked for a short while and Corpsie became more and more interested in the wolf pack.
Corpsie was offered to join. "How could I say no? Of course I'm in!"

The wolf Corpsie had met that day was no other than, our very respected leader, Jaxy.
I owe my life to her and also her tribe.
Today Corpsie is a strong, brave, loved, co-owner of Jaxy's tribe.

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Corpsie's Legendary Sight
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