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The server, should be up VERY soon! With help from Asaki(<3) the server should be up any time I can grab ahold of my computer for at least 30 minutes! Keep your fingers crossed that I can!
New items! Check Asaki's and Jelly's Topics for more items.
Congrats to; ~Asaki (In-Game Administrator), and JellyBeanStar*(In-Game Administrator)! Congrats you two!

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 Server News: NEW! 11/2

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PostSubject: Server News: NEW! 11/2   Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:34 am

The server should be out sometime this month! (BETA verision), if things keep going as planned then yes this month.

Any questions do not hesitate to PM me! I love when I get PM's in my mailbox because half the time I come here 0 new posts! D:
Keep the forum active! I know I haven't been as active as I should be, but I've been busy for the most part. I have a life too. Plus school and Halloween being this pasted Monday I wasn't able to be on. So please, do me a HUGE favor, keep our forum active!

Still looking on that one person to pay for the server, they got TONS of good stuff if they do~

That's all for now take care everyone and try to get more people to come!

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Server News: NEW! 11/2
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