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The server, should be up VERY soon! With help from Asaki(<3) the server should be up any time I can grab ahold of my computer for at least 30 minutes! Keep your fingers crossed that I can!
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 the legendary warriorZ

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PostSubject: the legendary warriorZ   the legendary warriorZ EmptyThu Oct 27, 2011 9:53 pm

choose your own element, like fire, shadow, anything, but this is not a real clan, and it is both for the forum and the game, choose your own territory, you could have babies with another lion ( which has to be a different user, please don't make double accounts! ) you could fight another legendary lion warrior ( someone who has made a character for this thing ) to make your character, please sign in this tiny thing
name: ( could be anything )
looks: ( could be anything )
element/powers: ( could be anything such as farting rainbows )
territory: ( it could be anything )
injuries/problems: ( it could be mental problems, injuries, anything )
second element: ( your creature could have one more if you want, but it cant be one you already chose )
age: ( your creature could be any age except over 100
secrets: ( type a thing that you want as your character's secret )
others: ( any other information )

sorry but this is only for lions and wolves ( I'm not even sure if wolves could ever be role played here )
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the legendary warriorZ
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